Wild Swim & Food Experiences

Food always tastes better with friends. There’s something about sharing food and talking about food with others that makes it special. Food is much more than just fuel for the body. It brings elements of culture, identity, tradition, ‘commensality’ (the social aspect of eating together) and so much more.

Our wild swim and food experiences run in collaboration with Maree from Wild Swim Scotland bring together the joy and benefits of wild swimming, our love of food, enjoyment of social interaction and shared experience. Our intention is for these events to be fun and learning experiences, nourishing for the body, mind and soul. We are delighted to be hosting a series of wild swim and food experiences to the beach at Joppa/Portabello in Edinburgh.

Our first event held in December 2020 celebrated the Winter Solstice. We swam, warmed up around the fire, talked about Winter Solstice celebrations and traditional foods eaten around the world at the time of year.

We had a series of swim and food experiences planned for the start of the year, including events to celebrate Burns, Valentine’s Day, St. David’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. However, because of the pandemic, we had to postpone these events. With restrictions easing, we have hosted small groups to swim and celebrate Mother’s Day and the Summer Solstice.

To celebrate British Summertime, we have a sunset swim and food experience planned. Join us for a dip and a celebration around the fire with some tasty food to celebrate longer, warmer days and more daylight. What could be better than a dip in the sea, a bite to eat whilst warming up around a cosy fire and enjoying some good company!

Keep an eye on the experiences page for more details about upcoming events.

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